Discover your yoga path

Notice: The Studio doors open 20-minutes before class begins. Once the class begins, late arrivals and early leaves are not permitted.

YogaBasics (Level 0,5)
A great start for our new yoga students!

This 90-minute yoga class is recommended for students who have recently started yoga and for those who wish to have a refresher of the fundamentals.  More time is taken to practice safe and effective body alignment and prop usage in a slow-flow. This is a great preparation class to ease into Level 1 and 2 classes. More helpful information is available here for those new to yoga.

Vinyasa Flow (Level 1)
Ideal for our beginners & those who like slower flow classes!

These 75 to 105-minute vinyasa-style classes include sequencing in standing postures, core strengthening, introductory arm balancing and inversions, backbending and seated forward bending postures blended with yoga ‘food for thought’ topics that benefit our daily lives. Basic Pranayama practices are demonstrated and practiced. 90 & 105-minute classes with Eric Bennewitz end with Yoga Nidra, a deep relaxation & meditation to deepen the release of physical, emotional and mental tension, leaving students feeling clear and calm.

Vinyasa Flow (Level 2)
For students who like a steady flow!

A 75 to 105-minute vinyasa-style yoga class that builds upon the postures practiced in Level 1. A more fluid flow of postures is practiced going deeper into creative postures that expand on strength, balance, endurance and flexibility of both the body and mind. A larger variety of Pranayama practices are demonstrated and practiced along with 'food for thought' topics. 90 to 105-minute classes with Eric Bennewitz end with Yoga Nidra deep relaxation & meditation.

Vinyasa Flow (Level 3000) - coming soon
Suited for students with a deep regular practice!

This 75-minute dynamic flow class goes deeper in exploring the body & mind connection through a variety of advanced sequences, postures, pranayama, deep relaxation & meditation techniques.

Yin & Yang Flow (Open Level)
Great for students who want to Flow & Melt!

A 75-minute combination of dynamic vinyasa flow (Yang) and slower static postures (Yin). The focus is on more deeply distributing 'prana' (vital force energy) throughout the muscles, joints and deeper connective tissues of the body. Yin postures are mostly seated postures held for 1-3 minutes which allow students to deepen awareness of the breath which results in quieting a busy mind. Students will experience Yang before Yin and vise verse classes to explore the differing and positive effects on the body and mind.

Yoga Nidra (open level)
Absolute relaxation!

Courses with Eric Bennewitz usually conclude with a 10-20 minute yoga nidra practice. Yoga Nidra is a systematic, guided meditation that deeply relaxes, activates self-healing and strengthens the connection with our innermost self.

Eric is a trained Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Guide. He welcomes all people to experience this simple, deep and transforming practice that is beneficial to anyone. Read more about Yoga Nidra here.

Yoga mit Body Braid (open level)
A must for every level of yoga student!

This 90-minute class uses the innovative tool called a 'Body Braid.' Made of soft, elastic webbing that wraps the body in a spiraling pattern from feet to shoulders, the Body Braid corrects negative postural habits and instills conscious awareness within the body to move in healthier ways. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced yoga student, this new tool is effective in developing body-mind awareness in knowing which body parts and muscles to engage and relax in each yoga pose. Regular use will positively effect students' everyday movements like posture, walking, running and bending.

Learning to put the Body Braid on properly and understand its advantages and effects are valuable before participating in a 'Yoga with the Body Braid' class, so we recommend that students take part in our Body Braid Workshops. Although its not mandatory, it will enrich your experience for classes. Find the next Body Braid Workshop date here.

Prenatal Yoga (open level)
This course is intended for all expecting moms who want to continue their yoga practice during their pregnancy or who want to start yoga during this special time.

Together, we'll practice Vinyasa Flow Yoga, but of course, it will be adapted to the special circumstances of your pregnancy. Breathing, pelvic floor exercices, gentle stretches as well as mental training to release stress and worries are important and the focus during these pregnancy yoga classes. By practicing prenatal yoga, you can help alleviate back pain and build strength, endurance and serenity for the birth and future.

Important note: Theses classes are intended for expacting moms, that do not have pregnancy complications. Please speak to your doctor first to find out if there is any reason that would prevent you from practicing pregnancy yoga before attending your first class with us.

Mama&Baby Yoga (open level) - pre-registration under info@peaceoutyoga.de required
These practices are in the style of Vinyasa Flow Yoga and adapt the special situations that arise after birth for both mum and child. The children are partially included in each practice.

In these classes you will learn to strengthen your abdominal and trunk musculature, deepen your understanding and strength of the pelvic floor, prepare your shoulders and neck for child feedings and carrying them safely with proper balance. You will also be given time to put up your feet, relax and be pampered with massages while you get to know the other moms in the class.

The term "baby" means all small yogis up to 3 years old are welcome.

Important note: Theses classes are intended for expacting moms, who have already completed a 'Rückbildungskurs', have consulted their doctor and are ready for some dynamic movement yoga.