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'Peaceful Warrior' T-shirts, sweaters and hoodies available for women & men in S, M, L, XL sizes. Ladies T-shirt and sweater color in Denim blue & Mens T-shirt color in gray. Unisex hoodie color in gray. 100% organic cotton, eco-friendly, Fair Trade certified.

Pricing: T-Shirts 20,- Euro, Sweaters 33,- Euro, Hoodies 45,- Euro (taxes included).

Available in-studio.

How to order
From 12.12.17 - 1.1.18 all shop items, including clothing, can only be purshased by cash directly at the PEACE OUT YOGA studio.Online ordering and mailing during this period is not available. See you at the studio.

To reserve your clothing pick-up at our studio, please write us at shop@peaceoutyoga.de or click on the button below and we’ll send you the payment information. Please include the model, color, size, quantity, your name and mailing address. By placing an order, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

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