Open Door Karma Classes

The 3 G's Giving, Generosity & Gratitude

This is not a new idea out there, but it’s something that resonates strongly with me since it nurtures three qualities of making yoga more accessible to people. Let’s call them the 3 G’s – Giving, Generosity and Gratitude.

This is more about a positive ‘energy exchange’ than a monetary exchange because its aimed at ‘giving’ more people accessibility to yoga regardless of circumstance and letting people’s ‘generosity’ shine through in ‘gratitude’ for the gift of yoga.

Here’s how it works.
Every 3 months, there will be a donation-based Open Door Karma Yoga class scheduled and posted here. This class is open to EVERYONE and any payment is based on the act of ‘giving’ what you want as a donation. No minimum and no limit.

ALL donations will go to a local Hamburg non-profit organization to benefit the global community at large. You can track the progress of our project donations by clicking the link below and also see fun pictures from each class.

The choice of project will be rotated every year to spread the giving. Bring a friend, bring your family, bring anyone who wants to experience yoga. These classes are appropriate for all levels of yoga enthusiasts.

Next Open Door Karma Class


As we continue to discover the benefits of living Yoga, let’s share this gift and make yoga accessible to everyone – one class at a time while giving selflessly to providing a resource we sometimes take for granted… food, water and shelter for everyone!

Thanks for supporting the 3 G’s.
Peace out, Eric, Head Peacekeeper