Yoga means union, so let's come together and meet the other Yoga students and teachers of your PEACE OUT YOGA Community! Sweat-Working happens on announced Friday's and is a 75-minute yoga practice with our POY teacher team and then relaxing and enjoying healthy food & drinks while getting to know other students & teachers in our POY community. Who knows, maybe you meet a Yoga buddy to keep you motivated and practicing regularly.

You can join Sweat-Working with one of our PEACE OUT YOGA cards or membership. Members and cardholders can bring 1 friend for free to these events. Don't have a card or membership or know one of our PEACE OUT YOGA students? No problem. Just drop by and you're welcome to join as a single-visit student for 15 Euros.

Our next Sweat-Working event is


15.02.19 / 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Yoga & Networking with the POY-Team (German & English)

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