Our Peacekeepers

We deliberately do away with long bios & self-indulgence.

All PEACE OUT YOGA teachers are certified yoga teachers with either Yoga Alliance International or the BDY and are disciplined in continually deepening their own yoga and teaching practices. If you're interested in knowing more about us as teachers, just talk to us before or after class. We'd be glad to share our experiences with you!

Eric Bennewitz
Head Peacekeeper, Founder, Owner, Teacher

Passions: Yoga Nidra / Practicing yoga in everyday life / fun & inspiring classes / anatomy junkie / simplicity / guiding students to a breakthrough / teaching & sharing experiences

Eva Sasse
Head Peacekeeper, Founder, Teacher

Passions: Creativity / dance inspired yoga sequencing with lots of variations / verbal cues / mulit-level classes / precise alignment principals / building from the basics / inspire students, to connect deeper to their bodies.

Tina Scheid
Peacekeeper, Teacher

Passions: Spontaneous vinyasa flows / Pranayama / good music / hands-on assisting

Sara Gonzales
Peacekeeper, Teacher

Passions: Challenging flow classes / backbends & inversions / never forgetting to play / guiding students to complete relaxation & sense of fulfillment in each class

Kim Carolina Hackenbuchner
Peacekeeper, Teacher

Passions: handstands & armbalances - building confidence while staying playful / breath-bandhas-drishti / smile, it's yoga! / dynamic flows - sometimes traditional, sometimes creative

Jennie Lee
Peacekeeper, Teacher

Passions: energizing vinyasa flow / thoughtful sequencing / practicing with an intention / full and relaxed breathing / deliberate movement.

Anja Reh
Peacekeeper, Teacher

Passions: Sweating / breathing / finding inner stillness in motion / supporting students / letting go of old habits / a mix of classical hatha & dynamic vinyasa flow yoga

Steffi Zimmer
Peacekeeper, Teacher

Passions: Combining Hatha Yoga & Vinyasa Flow/ Finding inner balance/ Being in the moment / Mindfulness / Flowing breath / Positive energy / Relaxing

Zahra Lindenblatt
Peacekeeper, Teacher

Passions: dharma talk / deep intense Vinyasa Flow / basics intensive / pranayama / find self-love by giving love

Rachel Van de Venter
Peacekeeper, Teacher

Passions: learning and growing, breath and movement, mind and body wellness, connection to self and community, an attitude of gratitude, unity and love

Danni Schäff
Peacekeeper, Teacher

Passions: versatile Vinyasa Flow / alignment focus / soothing verbal cues / relaxation techniques / Yoga Nidra

Jette Usath
Peacekeeper, Teacher

Passions: mindfulness / sound of breathing during practice / clear guidance / finding balance through quiet strength / learning to hear the innver voice