Unleashing The Energy Within

3 Day Mini Retreat with international teachers Malene Vedel & Will Fisher

Malene Vedel & Will Fisher (Complete Unity Yoga)

We have all heard that yoga is good for us. Yoga keeps us moving, strong and flexible. We know that yoga is great to calm the mind and to de-stress. We can read the many studies published on yoga’s benefits and we can engage with the practice ourselves to experience the effects of yoga and meditation first hand.

But does yoga stop there? Is that all yoga has to offer us? In other words: did Buddha leave home, belongings and loved ones just to gain a handsome body and a calm mind? The answer is, there’s (luckily) so much more to yoga, and we are coming to your studio to show some awesome techniques and practices that can bring about transformation.

We have all felt the physical impact of emotions, maybe from blushing when falling in love or noticing stress’s ability to create tension in the body. The emotions impact our physical body. This is a two way communication. How we move our physical body effects our emotions, thoughts and has an impact on our feelings of well being, happiness and confidence.

In this 3-day workshop we work on this physical-emotional connection to explore life, the art of being and enable our ability to change anger to passion and impatience to creativity. Are you ready to draw forth your deepest concerns, unanswered questions, packed away thoughts and experiences so that you can truly relax, live happier and be your best? All workshops are created to suit all levels of yoga practitioners. Whether you have been practising on the yoga mat two thousands times or you still haven’t unwrapped the mat, this workshop is for you. We look forward to welcome you all for a special yogic journey!

Module 1 - Get To Know Yourself (Friday, 18:30 - 20:30)

Are you interested in moving your body and curious to know how the yoga poses, pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation have a deep and nourishing effect on our emotional body. We will delve into reflective practices and learn key elements of yogic anatomy and philosophy to gain an insight to how we can be our best. This workshop will include a talk on key elements in yoga philosophy, (yogic anatomy) chakra system, reflective practices, meditation, pranayama and movements.

Module 2 - Rising Above Anger, Delving into Love and Kindness (Saturday, 13:00 - 16:00)

Every emotion has the potential to fuel your actions, life and being. All emotions are good but it is your reaction towards them can be less good. Learn with yoga and meditation how to adapt to the highs and lows of life so that we can move towards the direction of happiness, well being, love and a good quality life. This workshop will include a talk on how to live free from anger with love and kindness, meditation, pranayama and movements.

Module 3 - Strengthening Will Power, Delving into Creativity and Positivity (Sunday, 13:00 - 16:00)

A challenging practice that will take you right to the edge of your limits and show you the strength, power and positivity you hold within. Come as you are, leave what doesn’t serve you and be the best version of yourself! This workshop will include a talk on how to strengthen your willpower and an empowering yoga practice including lots of pranayama and meditation.

- Single Modules: Friday 40,00 / Saturday 45,00 / Sunday 45,00
- All 3 Days: 120,00

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