The Rocket®

Workshop mit Kim Hackenbuchner

17.03.19   /   14:00 - 16:30 Uhr

This workshop will provide you with the background and foundation of The Rocket® practice.

Staying true to its Ashtanga tradition, The Rocket® practice allows for freedom of movement with alignment, combining poses from several of the traditional Ashtanga sequences to create a fun, invigorating flow.

The workshop is open to all levels of practitioners from all backgrounds, who would like to find out more about The Rocket® practice and those who are, or are thinking of, coming to the Saturdays Rocket Vinyasa classes at PEACE OUT YOGA.

This workshop will

  • Provide insight into the history and creation of The Rocket® sequences
  • Highlight the different Rocket® sequences we practice
  • Explain the most important aspects of The Rocket® practice: breath, bandhas, drishti
  • Offer you a The Rocket® experience with a Rocket 1 practice

36,- Euro (members with monthly membership)
40,- Euro (non members)

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