Still have questions?

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions, If your question isn’t answered here, just contact us and we’ll help.

1. How do I get to PEACE OUT YOGA?

Many roads lead to Peace Out Yoga! The S-Bahn (Alte Wöhr-Stadtpark) is a 1-2 min. walk away from the studio.  The bus number 23 also stops right in front of the studio. If you travel by car, there is limited street parking available in front of the studio.

2. What style of yoga do you teach at PEACE OUT YOGA?

We use a multi-style approach in teaching our classes based on the expertise of the teacher. That means good variety! A large portion of our class schedule focuses on Vinyasa Flow, which is movement synchronized to the breath in a flow of yoga sequences linked together. Our classes also have a strong emphasis on safe body alignment and inner focus. Our teachers add their own creative flare to these vinyasa flow classes while maintaining an atmosphere that is challenging, accessible and supportive to all students.

3. What do I need to bring to my yoga practice?

Everyone is different here. If you sweat a lot, bring a towel. Don't forget comfortable clothing that you can move easily in. Jeans aren't fun to wear in many postures! If you need a yoga mat, we can rent them to you for 1.00 Euro. Remember, classes are only payable by cash.

4. Do I need to sign up in advance for classes?

No. All of our regularly scheduled classes on the schedule are drop-in classes.

5. When do PEACE OUT YOGA doors open for classes?

Studio doors open 20 min. before a class starts. Once a class begins, there are no late entries or early leaves.

6. Do I have to be flexible to practice Yoga?

Note at all!  In fact, yoga has little to do with body flexibility and more to do with increasing the flexibility and openness of the mind.  Through yoga practice, we learn useful life habits like non-judgement, acceptance and patience. The physical part of yoga movement is more about making the posture adapt to the body type instead of the body fitting into a look of a posture.

7. How do I know which level of class is for me?

If you are new to yoga, we suggest starting with our YogaIntro workshop or YogaBasics Level 0.5 classes. If you have an existing yoga practice, try our Level 1 classes to get used to the style, teacher instruction and the level of challenge offered in the class.

8. Can I practice yoga if I'm injured, pregnant or have a special condition?

Consult your doctor first if you have any doubts about attending a Vinyasa Yoga class in your condition. The next important thing to do is tell your PEACE OUT YOGA teacher before class begins about any injuries, conditions or pregnancies. By doing this, your teacher can provide you with helpful posture variations or props that will adapt the practice to your condition. If something in the practice feels too uncomfortable, listen to your body and slowdown or stop and rest.

9. Are kids able to practice at PEACE OUT YOGA?

Although we believe yoga should be accessible to everyone, our minimum age for students is 12 years old for regular classes. The main reason being, that kids under this age would benefit more from a qualified kid’s yoga program. We ask that a parent or guardian accompanies any kids between 12-14 years old to classes.