Yoga Nidra is a systematic and guided meditation that relaxes, heals and transforms awareness of being. The beauty of this practice is that ANYONE can do it regardless of where you are in life.  Originally developed by Swami Satyananda Saraswati and based from ancient Tantra, its not a practice about provoking change as much as it is about becoming aware and 'observing' each of the layers of being that already makes up each one of us according to yoga.

These five layers, called Koshas, are explored in the stages of Yoga Nidra which take you from the gross to the subtle bodies of who you are. Through these stages, you experience 'true' tension release (physical, emotional, mental) and with your  thinking mind relaxed, you are able to more easily open to your essence that lies underneath the layers of a conditioned life.

This is a practice of uncovering and seeing that your 'whole-ness' is within you already. Its not something you have to search for externally. By simply lying down and listening without effort, you open the doors to a deepened sense of connection to yourself that nurtures your intentions and directs your energies towards realizing a life of fuller purpose and joy.

Eric your Yoga Nidra Guide.

Eric first experienced Yoga Nidra in 2008 during a teacher training in Toronto, Canada with his then teacher, Xenia. He realized afterwards that this practice would play an important role in shaping his future and the future of others interested in Yoga Nidra. Upon re-locating to Hamburg, Germany, Eric helped introduce Yoga Nidra into yoga asana classes with success. While deepening his practice through self-study and mentoring, Eric was invited to write an article in 'Yoga Aktuell' about this topic and later invited to guide a practice at the German Yoga Conference with Bryan Kest (founder of Power Yoga).

Today, Eric is a contributing writer for Happy Mind Magazine and MoMazing with articles that further explain the science and benefits of Yoga Nidra. Over the past few years, Eric has mentored with renowned Yoga Nidra teacher, Jennifer Reis. Through Jennifer, Eric became a certified Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra guide and continues to share and spread his yoga nidra experiences in classes, workshops and teacher trainings throughout Germany and abroad.