Sounds for the Soul

Yoga-Event with Eric Bennewitz & LIVE Yoga DJ Roland Bogdahn
Location: Vinyaloft, Bremen

25.01.20   / 3:00 - 6:00 pm

Teacher / Host

Eric Bennewitz & DJ Roland Bogdahn

English & German

Vinyaloft Bremen, Brunnenstr. 3-4, 28203 Bremen

In this innovative workshop you will experience an experimental fusion of Yin and Yang Yoga to relaxed electro music & meditative soundscapes. You'll take the soothed and deepened consciousness from the yin into a yang sequence that will ignite your inner fire of manifestation, before it all comes to rest and culminates in a yoga nidra guided meditation that will allow you to greet the ups and downs of your everyday life with a serene understanding and a smile. Together with Eric and the live sounds of DJ Roland Bogdahn you will experience your whole BEING.

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