Email registration and payment guidelines

With a CUSTOMER booking and transfer of the registration fee, the CUSTOMER accepts our terms and conditions. Registration for our Workshops/Specials/Courses are binding between both parties (Customer & PEACE OUT YOGA). This means that the CUSTOMER is entitled to a place at the respective Workshop/Special or Course and PEACE OUT YOGA on the due invoice amount. The prices vary according to the Workshop/Special/Course and can be seen under the respective description on the website After a customer registration by email, the customer will receive an email confirmation with all further payment information from PEACE OUT YOGA. A prior registration for workshops, specials and courses is necessary. The registration fee must be paid before the start of the Workshop/Special/Course and the banking transfer document must be brought to the event as proof of payment on the day of the event. If a spontaneous participation is listed in the Workshop/Special/Course (“walk-in”), it will be indicated in the Workshop/Special/Course description. In this case, a separate participation fee is due as payment by the customer, which is also noted in the offer description and has to be paid in cash before the start of the event.

Refunds & Cancellation Policy

Please note that PEACE OUT YOGA will not refund any amounts paid for a Workshop/Special/Course. If a customer cannot attend a Workshop/Special/Course, the customer can transfer their reserved place to another person. We ask that the customer inform us in good time by e-mail of the replacement person (at least 12 hours before the start of the Workshop/Special/Course).

If a Workshop does not take place due to a circumstance on the part of PEACE OUT YOGA, we will refund the Workshop/Special/Course fee 100% to the customer.


Email registration and payment guidelines

Eric Bennewitz (PEACE OUT YOGA) only offers yoga classes as part of a retreat. It is not a package deal. The prices, booking and cancellation conditions for retreats vary depending on the offer and service. For each retreat there is detailed information in the respective retreat description. With a CUSTOMER booking and transfer of the registration fee, the CUSTOMER accepts our terms and conditions. Registration for a Retreat is binding between both parties (Customer & PEACE OUT YOGA). This means the customer is entitled to a place at the respective Retreat and PEACE OUT YOGA on the due invoice amount. After customer registration by email, the customer will receive an email confirmation with all further information from PEACE OUT YOGA to complete the Retreat reservation. Retreats must always be paid in full before the Retreat start date via online bank transfer.

Refunds & Cancellation Policy

Prices for Retreats are subject to hotel room availability and costs. For each Retreat, detailed information is provided on indicating specific dates & fixed guaranteed pricing. A confirmed reservation is binding and cannot be canceled unless otherwise specified in the description of the Retreat. Paid fees will not be refunded. If a confirmed participant cannot participate in a Retreat, the customer can find a substitute person to take their reserved and paid reservation. We ask that the customer inform us in good time by e-mail of the replacement person.

If a Retreat does not take place due to a circumstance on the part of PEACE OUT YOGA, we will refund the Retreat fee 100% to the customer.


Class Offers

We offer in-studio, livestream and video library online classes. All course participants are obliged to practice yoga responsibly and with consideration for their own needs. The responsibility to clarify health risks in advance with a specialist and to obtain confirmation of willingness to participate in a physically demanding yoga practice lies with the course participant. The responsibility to inform the teaching teacher in advance about existing health restrictions and to clarify the possibility of participation also lies with the participant.

Class Times

Once classes begin, studio doors or online-access are closed until the end of class. If arriving late, a student’s reserved spot is cancelled & no refund will be given. We appreciate your understanding & cooperation that when a class begins, it can not be disturbed. This includes door knocking and ringing the doorbell.

Cards & Memberships

The cards available for the courses can be purchased only online with the online payment methods offered (exception: membership contracts). All fees must be paid in full before the course begins. Down payments or partial payments are not possible.

Check it Out cards, 8-visit-8 Week cards, 10-visit-6 Month cards and 1 Month cards can only be honored for a fixed time period effective from the date of purchase. It is not possible to extend this period to unlimited use. Exception: In the case of a sickness/operation/disease of more than three weeks, a temporary card may be extended free of charge upon presentation of a medical certificate signed by the customer doctor that indicates the duration of the sickeness/operation/disease. Please inform PEACE OUT YOGA by email at

Membership contracts are available upon request at Signed monthly Membership agreements can only be cancelled, starting from the 1st of each month. The membership fee is collected monthly by direct debit from PEACE OUT YOGA. The membership is continuous and is automatically renewed every month. The cancellation notice period by the customer is three months at the end of the month. A sudden termination of agreement is only possible in the case of a serious or/and permanent injury / illness and with a doctor’s certificate or a departure ticket confirmation from Hamburg, Germany. The termination must be notified in writing to Eric Bennewitz, Rübenkamp 80, 22307 Hamburg, Germany. If the customer does not make use of the offered services, this does not relieve the customer of the obligation to make the monthly payments. There is no claim for repayment by PEACE OUT YOGA of payments already made by the customer. There is also no claim by the customer to the reduction of the monthly payment made to PEACE OUT YOGA.

Payments made will not be refunded.

All cards and memberships are personal and non-transferable.

For all classes, the customer must register for the class in advance using the Eversports booking software. This requires the creation of a customer account at Eversports, A later cancellation is not possible (exception: if you purchase a single ticket, you can cancel and refund the participation fee up to 24 hours before the course begins).

The customer is entitled to use all regular classes offered at the PEACE OUT YOGA studio in Hamburg, Germany. Excluded are PEACE OUT YOGA workshops, teacher trainings, events, specials, course series and private lessons.


Since Eric Bennewitz (PEACE OUT YOGA) has no influence on the transport of data over the Internet and because of the peculiarities and uncertainties of the Internet, Eric Bennewitz (PEACE OUT YOGA) cannot accept any liability for errors in the area of ​​data transmission.

Eric Bennewitz (PEACE OUT YOGA) expressly points out that the use of a video from the PEACE OUT YOGA video library is not to be equated with the live instruction of other offers. The teacher has no direct contact with the student and can therefore not guarantee that personal needs and particularities will be addressed.

Please note that not all exercises are suitable for every participant. The use of videos from the PEACE OUT YOGA video library and the implementation of exercises is at your own risk and under the exclusion of liability from Eric Bennewitz (PEACE OUT YOGA). Eric Bennewitz (PEACE OUT YOGA) cannot replace advice from a doctor.

Eric Bennewitz (PEACE OUT YOGA) is only liable for the content that he himself has created, published and distributed. Liability is limited to willful and grossly negligent behavior on the part of Eric Bennewitz (PEACE OUT YOGA) and Eric Bennewitz. (PEACE OUT YOGA) is only liable insofar as the damage is foreseeable.

IMMERSIONS & TEACHER TRAININGS (120h Essentials of Yoga Immersion / 250h Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training / 40h Yoga Nidra Teacher Training)

Application, registration and payment method

Upon acceptance & review of your application and a personal interview and question and answer meeting with PEACE OUT YOGA (personal interview only for 120-Hour Essentials of Yoga Immersion & 250-Hour Essentials of Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training), you will receive all the necessary registration and payment information from PEACE OUT YOGA. To reserve your student space, a written acceptance & confirmation e-mail will be issued by PEACE OUT YOGA to you upon completion of the interview and question & answer meeting and you will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit of 500 €. PEACE OUT YOGA reserves the right to refuse any registrations. Upon accepting PEACE OUT YOGA’s terms and conditions and cancellation policy, you will be registered and a space reserved for you. The application for any of these Immersions and/or Teacher Trainings is legally binding by both parties (You) and PEACE OUT YOGA. The payment terms of the remaining amounts for the respective training formats are mentioned in the event description as well as in the registration form and are to be followed without exception. Payment plans & installment plans are possible by written request to Eric Bennewitz or Eva Sasse.

PEACE OUT YOGA Payments & Cancellation

For each Immersion and/or Teacher Training there is a description outlined on the website, which outlines ‘early registration’ and ‘regular registration’ pricing with deadline dates, conditions and cancellation policy. These are to be understood and accepted by the student before registering for any immersion and/or teacher training. PEACE OUT YOGA recommends the student inclusion of a ‘seminar insurance’ before an immersion and/or teacher training begins.
PEACE OUT YOGA reserves the right to cancel the Immersion and/or Teacher Training in the case of unforeseen events (example: teacher illness, studio damage, etc.) or in the case of failure to reach the minimum number of student participants for any Immersion and/or Teacher Training. In the event of cancellation by PEACE OUT YOGA, 100% of the registration fee will be refunded to the student. In the case of teacher illness, PEACE OUT YOGA has the right to substitute the training topic with a substitute teacher. PEACE OUT YOGA is not responsible for any payments/claims made by student participants regarding personal injury damages, personal property loss, travel, meal and accommodation costs.

Prerequisite for the certification of the ‘Essentials of Yoga 120-Hour Immersion’ and ‘250-Hour Teacher Training’

100% student participation on all Immersion and/or Teacher Training dates.
Student completion of all required reading materials.
Completion of any in-class or homework assignments given by the teaching team during training (including Self-Discovery Assignment & Practice Journal).
Proven participation in an average of 3 courses per week at PEACE OUT YOGA + Home practice (documented in the Practice Journal)
Successful student completion of the theoretical and practical exam.

Prerequisite for the certification of the 40-Hour Yoga Nidra Teacher Training (Continuing Education)

100% participation on all dates of the immersion or teacher training.
Student completion of all required reading materials.
Completion of any in-class or homework assignments given by the teaching team during trainin

Personal Health & Property Disclaimer

By signing the PEACE OUT YOGA Immersion and/or Teacher Training registration form, the student confirms that they have been sufficiently informed about the physical and mental requirements of the Immersion and Teacher Trainings. The student also confirms to have the necessary physical fitness and health and is responsible for ensuring this information to PEACE OUT YOGA if requested.
Participation in any Immersion and/or Teacher Training is at the students’s own risk. Eric Bennewitz (Peace Out Yoga) is not liable for damages resulting from personal injury or personal property loss.

Student participant Immersion and/or Teacher Training Incompletion or Cancellation

The student is responsible for any unexpected events (illnesses, pregnancy, relocation, etc.), which despite registration, prevent the student from entirely or partially participating and completing an Immersion and/or Teacher Training. Students can choose to discontinue any Immersion and/or Teacher Training, however PEACE OUT YOGA reserves the right to refuse any refund for any missed student training days without exception.
PEACE OUT YOGA strongly recommends a student obtains ‘seminar insurance’ before any Immersion and/or Teacher Training begins.
Any missed Immersion and/or Teacher Training days or hours can be made up in future Immersions and/or Teacher Trainings in 2022/23. This is only possible upon prior agreement and approval by PEACE OUT YOGA and provided that the make-up days/hours are not fully booked and there are free places available in the Immersion and/or Teacher Training.


PEACE OUT YOGA reserves the right to alter its class schedule and teachers without notice and/or in exceptional circumstances. Included in this are short-term studio closures due to maintenance repairs. PEACE OUT YOGA has the right to reduce or cancel classes due to public holidays. Students are not entitled to refunds or price reductions during these circumstances as they have been already taken into account in original pricing calculations.


By using a service from Eric Bennewitz (PEACE OUT YOGA), the participant confirms that he / she is physically healthy and fit for sport. Particularly in the case of health issues (illnesses, injuries, pregnancy, etc.), the participant must independently obtain the consent of a doctor to carry out the yoga practice.
We are liable for the proper functioning of the furnishings provided by us. However, we are not liable for accidents or damage to health caused by the participant as a result of participating in an offer from PEACE OUT YOGA, unless there is a grossly negligent or willful breach of duty. Participation in all courses and events is fundamentally at your own risk. The following applies in particular to courses with children: Parents are responsible for their children. We do not assume any liability for valuables brought along.


If one or more provisions of these General Terms and Conditions become wholly or partially ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.


Claims for damages by the customer are excluded, unless otherwise stated for the following reasons. This also applies to the agent’s representatives and vicarious agents, should the customer charge damages against these claims. Exceptions are damages claims of the customer because of injury to life, body, health or essential contractual obligations, which must necessarily be fulfilled to the achievement of the contract goal. This also does not apply to claims for damages following gross negligence or willful breach of duty on the part of the supplier or his legal representative or vicarious agents.


Claims or rights of the customer against the supplier may not be assigned or pledged without his consent, unless the customer has demonstrated a justified interest in the assignment or pledge.


The contract is drawn up in German or English. Further implementation of the contractual relationship takes place in German or English. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies exclusively. For consumers, this applies only to the extent that this does not restrict the statutory provisions of the state in which the customer is domiciled or habitually resident. Jurisdiction is in the case of disputes with customers who are not a consumer, a legal person of public law or a public special fund, the seat of the provider.


In connection with the initiation, conclusion, processing and repackaging of a purchase contract on the basis of these terms and conditions, the provider collects, stores and processes data. This is done within the framework of the legal provisions. The supplier does not pass on any personal data of the customer to third parties, unless he is legally obliged to do so or the customer has expressly consented beforehand. If a third party is used for services related to the processing of processing processes, the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act shall be complied with. The data communicated by the customer in the course of the order are processed exclusively for contact within the scope of the contract processing and only for the purpose for which the customer made the data available. The data will only be passed on to the shipping company, which accepts the delivery of the goods according to the order. The payment data are passed on to the credit institution which is responsible for the payment. As long as the vendor takes storage periods of a commercial or fiscal nature, the storage of some data may take up to ten years. During the visit to the internet shop of the supplier, anonymized data, which do not allow conclusions on personal data and also do not intend, in particular IP address, date, time, browser type, operating system and pages visited. At the request of the customer, the personal data will be deleted, corrected or blocked within the framework of the statutory provisions. A free of charge information on all personal data of the customer is possible. For questions and requests for the deletion, correction or blocking of personal data, as well as collection, processing and use, the customer may contact the following address: PEACE OUT YOGA, Eric Bennewitz, Saseler Chaussee 90D, 22391 Hamburg, 040-38669303,