Updated: September 2023


Website & Email registrations and payment guidelines

With the booking and transfer of the participation fee, a student accepts our terms and conditions. Registration for our offers is binding on both sides. This means that you are entitled to a place in the respective offer and PEACE OUT YOGA to the invoice amount due. The prices vary depending on the offer and can be seen under the respective offer description. Pre-registration for workshops, special events and classes is recommended. Class offers are recommended to be booked through our Eversports online booking system (on Peace Out Yoga class schedule page of website) where a corresponding customer account must be used. All workshop and special event offers must be booked by E-mail and sent to info@peaceoutyoga.de. The class participation fee is payable when booking via online payment. Workshop and special event fees are payable once a participant has sent a booking request E-mail to Peace Out Yoga and Peace Out Yoga has sent the banking transfer payment information by E-mail to the participant. A class, workshop or special event booking request is only confirmed once payment has been received by Peace Out Yoga. If spontaneous participation in the offer is possible without prior notification (“walk-in/drop in”), this is noted under the offer description. In this case, a separate participation fee is applicable, which is noted in the offer description and must be paid in cash before the start of the event at the Peace Out Yoga studio.

Refunds & Cancellation Policy

Weekly scheduled classes can only be cancelled and refunded 12 or more hours before a class begins (This applies to Peace Out Yoga monthly members, timeline cardholders and single-visit participants only). Please note that Peace Out Yoga cannot refund the amount transferred or due in the event of any workshop or special event cancellation made by a booked participant. However, if the participant is unable to take part in the workshop themselves, the participant can transfer their paid booking to a new participant. In this case, please send Peace Out Yoga an E-mail indicating the full name of the new participant along with their E-mail address at least 12 hours before the start of the workshop or special event. If a workshop or special event does not take place due to circumstances on Peace Out Yoga’s part, we will refund 100% of the workshop or special event fee back to the booked participant.


Email registration and payment guidelines

With a booking and transfer of the participation fee, the participant accepts our terms and conditions. Registration for a retreat is binding on both sides. This means that the participant is entitled to a booked reservation at the respective retreat and Peace Out Yoga to the invoice amount due. After the participant has sent a registration request by E-mail, the participant will receive an E-mail confirmation from Peace Out Yoga with further banking transfer payment procedures and other relevant retreat details. Retreats must always be paid for before the start date and by bank transfer.

Refunds & Cancellation Policy

Eric Bennewitz (PEACE OUT YOGA) only offers yoga lessons as part of a retreat. Retreats are not an ‘all-inclusive package deal’ (example: flight, hotel, transport, yoga lessons etc.). The prices, booking and cancellation conditions for retreats vary depending on the offer and services. For each retreat there is detailed information in the respective retreat description. Once a reservation has been confirmed, it is binding and cannot be canceled unless otherwise stated in the description. Paid fees are non-refundable. If a confirmed participant cannot take part in the retreat, he/she can find another participant themselves, transfer his/her reservation to the new participant and send the name and E-mail address to info@peaceoutyoga.de.  If a retreat does not take place due to a circumstance on Peace Out Yoga’s part, we will refund 100% of the amount paid to the booked participant.


  • Classes are offered on-site in the Peace Out Yoga studio, ONLINE via livestream and via the Peace Out Yoga video library. The classes are marked accordingly in the class schedule.
  • All class participants are obliged to practice yoga responsibly and with consideration for their own needs and conditions. The responsibility to clarify health risks in advance with a doctor or specialist and to obtain confirmation of willingness to participate in a physically demanding yoga practice rests with the class participant. The responsibility to inform the teaching teacher in advance about existing health conditions and to clarify the possibility of participation also lies with the participant.
  • The various timeline cards and prices available for a class can be selected during the booking process. Some products can only be redeemed for the ONLINE offer and are marked accordingly.
  • Classes and timeline cards are recommended to be booked through our Eversports booking system and a corresponding customer account set-up and used. The participation fee is payable when booking via online payment.
  • Drop-in/walk-in participants are welcome for classes (if class spots are still available). Participants must register with the teaching teacher at the front desk and must pay by cash only, if a new timeline card is required.
  • Class times: The classes start punctually at the time specified in the class schedule. At the beginning of the class, the studio doors and online access will be closed and entry is no longer possible. The right to the booked class reservation expires in the event of non-appearance at the beginning of the class and a reimbursement of the class fee is not permitted. The class should not be disturbed after it has started (examples: knocking, doorbell, etc.).
  • All class offers are suitable for participants without severe physical limitations or illnesses requiring medical treatment. Unless explicitly stated in the class description, the offers are not suitable for pregnant women.


  • The same conditions of participation apply as for classes (see above)
    In addition:
  • The cancellation period can be viewed when booking for the respective course. The course booking is personal and non-transferrable.
  • Prevention courses are blocked courses, booking and payment is made in advance for all dates of the complete course. The course participant pays Peace Out Yoga in advance.
  • With at least 80% participation in the course, the participant will receive a certificate of participation with which they can apply for a proportionate reimbursement of the course fee from their health insurance company. The exact conditions can be obtained from the respective health insurance company.
  • Peace Out Yoga conducts the course in accordance with the course description and the certification guidelines and issues the certificate of participation upon successful participation. The course participant is responsible for all other steps involved in handling the reimbursement process.


  • Since Eric Bennewitz (Peace Out Yoga) has no influence on the transport of data over the Internet and because of the peculiarities and uncertainties of the Internet, Eric Bennewitz (Peace Out Yoga) cannot accept any liability for errors in the transmission of data.
  • Eric Bennewitz (Peace Out Yoga) class videos from the Peace Out Yoga video library are not to be equated with live teachings of other offers. The teacher has no direct contact with the student and can therefore not guarantee that personal needs and conditions (examples: injuries, physical limitations) will be addressed.
  • Please note that not all yoga movements are suitable for every participant.
  • The use of videos from the Peace Out Yoga video library and the implementation of yoga movements is at the participants’ own risk and under the exclusion of liability from Eric Bennewitz (Peace Out Yoga).
  • Eric Bennewitz (Peace Out Yoga) cannot replace advice from a doctor.
  • Eric Bennewitz (Peace Out Yoga) is only liable for the content that he himself has created, published and distributed. Liability is limited to willful and grossly negligent behavior on the part of Eric Bennewitz (Peace Out Yoga) and Eric Bennewitz (Peace Out Yoga) is only liable insofar as the damage is foreseeable.


  • Special regulations due to the change of ownership on July 1st, 2024:
    • For all courses and events that take place up to June 30th, 2024, only PEACE OUT YOGA products are valid and can be purchased during the booking process. All products purchased from PEACE OUT YOGA (course cards, vouchers, etc.) will expire on June 30th, 2024. Any remaining value not used by this date will expire. Products from the new owner (Yogibude) cannot be redeemed at Rübenkamp 80 before July 1st, 2024.
    • For all courses and events that take place from July 1st, 2024 onwards, course bookings must be purchased via the new owner’s online booking system and available products. The new owner’s terms and conditions will apply. The corresponding link can be found on the course schedule page when booking.
  • The timeline cards available for the classes can currently be purchased through online registration and online payment methods offered on the Peace Out Yoga website (exception: monthly memberships). Timeline cards can also be purchased by cash payment only at the Peace Out Yoga studio. All fees must be paid in full prior to the start of a class. Down payments or partial payments are not permitted.
  • Timeline cards can only be used during a specified period. It is not possible to extend the period to unlimited use. Exception: In the event of illness lasting more than three weeks, a timeline card can be extended free of charge for the period of illness upon presentation of a medical certificate. Please inform Peace Out Yoga about this by E-mail at info@peaceoutyoga.de
  • Monthly Membership contracts can be requested by email at info@peaceoutyoga.de.  Memberships are finalized on a desired start date of the new Peace Out Yoga member by signing a membership contract. The membership fee is collected monthly by direct debit from Peace Out Yoga. For the month in which the contract is concluded, the contribution is calculated on a pro-rata basis. Membership is ongoing and automatically renews every month. The notice period is three months to the end of the month. A special termination condition is only possible in the case of a serious and/or permanent injury / illness and with a doctor’s certificate, or if a member has moved away from Hamburg. The termination must be made in writing to Eric Bennewitz, PEACE OUT YOGA, Rübenkamp 80, 22307 Hamburg. If the customer does not make use of the services offered, this does not release him/her from the obligation to make the monthly payments. There is no entitlement to reclaim payments that have already been made. There is also no entitlement to a reduction in the monthly payments.
  • Payments once made are non-refundable.
  • All timeline cards and memberships are for personal use and non-transferable.
  • For all classes, the participant is recommended to register for the class in advance using the Eversports online booking software. The creation of a customer account is a prerequisite for this. Cancellation at a later date is not possible (exception: when purchasing a single-ticket, the participation fee can be canceled and reimbursed up to 12 hours before the start of the class). Students using a Partner Tool (i.e. Urban Sports Club) must register via the USC-App and abide by the AGB of Urban Sports Club.
  • A participant is entitled to use all regularly scheduled classes offered by Peace Out Yoga. All workshops, teacher trainings, private one-on-one sessions & special events are excluded from this.


(100h Essentials of Yoga Immersion / 230h Vinyasa Flow Immersion & Teacher Training / 300h Advanced Yoga Teacher Training / 40h Yoga Nidra Teacher Training)

Application, registration and payment method

After checking an interested participant’s application and a personal interview, they will receive all the necessary registration and payment information. In order to reserve a participant spot, written confirmation from Peace Out Yoga (by E-mail) is required. If a deposit has been paid, it is non-refundable in the event of cancellation. Peace Out Yoga reserves the right to refuse a registration. With a registration, the Peace Out Yoga terms and conditions and cancellation conditions are accepted. Registration is binding on both sides. The payment terms of the remaining amounts for the respective training format are stated in the event description and in the registration form and must be adhered to without exception. Payment plans / installment payments are possible by arrangement only with Peace Out Yoga.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

For each teacher training there is a note in the event description on the website as to which date a certain offer price is valid and up to which date the registration can be canceled under which conditions. These individual reimbursement modalities are accepted with the registration for the teacher training. Registration is personal. Peace Out Yoga recommends that a participant purchase ‘seminar insurance.’

Peace Out Yoga reserves the right to cancel the teacher training / immersion in the event of unforeseeable circumstances (e.g. illness of a teacher or similar) or if the minimum number of participants is not attained. In this case Peace Out Yoga will refund 100% of the registration fee to a participant. In the event of a teacher’s illness, the training can take place with a substitute teacher. Further financial claims of a participant, in particular claims for damages such as travel and/or hotel costs in the event of a changed or cancelled teacher training or immersion training day is not permitted.

Prerequisite for the certification of the ‘230-Hour Vinyasa Flow Immersion & Teacher Training’

  • 90% attendance rate (21/24 days).
  • Completion of all required reading materials.
  • Completion of all tasks set by the teacher team during in-studio training and any homework assignments (including Self Discovery Assignments & Practice Journal).
  • Participation in an average of 3 classes/practices per week is advised at any of the following: Peace Out yoga in-studio classes, Peace Out Yoga live-stream classes, Peace Out Yoga video library classes,  a participant’s local vinyasa flow yoga studio or at a participants home. These classes/practices are entrusted in the student to complete and not monitored by Peace Out Yoga.
  • Successful completion of the final theoretical, oral and practical exams.

Prerequisite for the certification of the ‘300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training’

  • 90% attendance rate (23/27 days).
  • Completion of all required reading materials.
  • Completion of all in-studio and homework assignments given by the module teacher.
  • Completion of any module exams given by the module teacher.
  • Completion of a final practical class exam to be presented to module teacher and taught to attending teacher trainees.
  • Completion of finals thesis, which is written version of practical class exam.

Prerequisite for the certification of the ’40-Hour Yoga Nidra Teacher Training’
(Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Accredited Course)

  • 100% participation in all teacher training days.
  • Completion of all required reading materials.
  • Completion of all tasks/exercises set by the teacher during training and at home.

Liability Disclaimer

By signing the registration form, a participant confirms that they are sufficiently informed about the physical and mental requirements of  a teacher training and immersion through personal and active experiences of yoga practice. A participant also confirms that they have the required physical fitness and health and is responsible for ensuring this information. Participation in the training is at the participants’ own risk. Eric Bennewitz (Peace Out Yoga) is not liable for damage resulting from bodily injury or personal health. Peace Out Yoga does not assume any liability for valuables brought into or left at our studio by a participant.

Participant missing immersion / training days or dropping out of immersion / training
A participant is liable for unexpected events (illness, pregnancy, relocation, etc.) which, despite registration, prevent his/her entire or partial participation in immersion and / or teacher training. Proportional costs for the missed teaching time are not reimbursed without exception. A cancellation after the start of the immersion or the teacher training is also not reimbursed without exception. We strongly recommend that all participants purchase ‘seminar insurance’ in these cases.  Subjects / times that are missed can be made up for in the follow-up training by reservation and confirmation through Peace Out Yoga. This is only possible after prior agreement and approval by the teacher team and provided that the follow-up training is not fully booked.


Peace Out Yoga reserves the right to change the class schedule on short notice and/or in exceptional cases. This applies in particular to short-term closure and maintenance work or possible company holidays, which are announced to the class participants well in advance. On and between public holidays, class schedules may be reduced or canceled. A class participant has no entitlement to reimbursement as this has already been taken into account in the price calculation.


By using a service from Eric Bennewitz (Peace Out Yoga), a participant confirms that he / she is physically healthy and fit for sport. Particularly in the case of health issues (illnesses, injuries, pregnancy, etc.), the participant must independently obtain the consent of a doctor to carry out the yoga practices.

Peace Out Yoga is liable for the proper functioning of yoga props provided by the studio. However, Peace Out Yoga is not liable for accidents or damage to health caused by the participant as a result of participating in a class, workshop, special event or immersion / teacher training offer from Peace Out Yoga, unless there is a grossly negligent or willful breach of duty. Participation in all classes and events is generally at a participants’ own risk. The following applies in particular to classes with children: Parents are responsible for their children. Peace Out Yoga does not assume any liability for valuables brought into or left behind in our studio.


If one or more provisions of these General Terms and Conditions become wholly or partially ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.