Nathalie M. – Yoga Nidra Guide – Hamburg

The 40-hour Yoga Nidra training was a true inspiration for me. I am now thinking about Yoga Nidra in a completely new way, or rather after this detailed training, I really understand it. Eric’s 40-hours of training is like nothing I’ve learned about before. He takes his time to explain each step in detail. For the first time, I immersed myself deeply in this practice and felt completely calm and balanced. This wonderful practice is only now opening up to me and I wouldn’t want to be without it in my daily routine. A real help when we feel restless, stressed and insecure. Yoga Nidra works.
I was deeply impressed and inspired by Eric’s knowledge and experience and I think it’s great to be able to write my own Yoga Nidra scripts after this 40-hour module and I’m really looking forward to incorporating the practice of Yoga Nidra into my classes. Such a wonderful practice should not be missed and in this day and age, I consider it essential for anyone seeking more balance, who wants to reduce stress and awaken their creativity.