Deeeeeeeply Relax ONLINE
Springtime Edition
Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra

03.05.2020   /   14:00 - 16:00 Uhr

We are a society of DOER’S. We are always on the GO, GO, GO! We work more and more and take less and less downtime to ‘truly’ relax. If you feel like you are regularly stressed, then it becomes difficult for your body to relax and find balance. What is happening is your cortisol levels (a stress hormone) are constantly raised and this eventually leads to adrenal burnout. This then sets off a chain reaction that unbalances things like your hormones, digestion & nervous system which could potentially lead to illness or even disease.

Fortunately, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra are natural and easy solutions to optimal health. These practices can be incorporated into even the busiest days and activate your nervous system’s natural relaxation response (without any medication) and restore equilibrium to and boost your immune system.

This practice will be led by Eric Bennewitz who has spent many years leading people into states of deep relaxation and meditation helping people realize a simple solution to balancing DOING with BEING.

During Restorative Yoga all that is required of you is to lie or sit into various yoga positions that are suitable for any body type or level of yoga experience, even if you have never practiced yoga before with a focus on breathing. Eric will explain, demonstrate, assist and massage you into melting stress away. The wonderful thing afterwards is that you can easily adapt this practice at home whenever needed.

With the body & mind at rest after Restorative Yoga, we’ll end our practice with a full Yoga Nidra practice. Just lie down, close your eyes and Eric will guide you on a journey in effortlessly releasing deeply seeded tensions-physically, emotionally and mentally. Yoga Nidra guided meditation is a proven method to reduce modern day stress & tension that will leave you relaxed, clear and better able to appreciate and enjoy the energy of Springtime.

30,- Euro (regular price) / 26,- Euro (monthly members price)

Please send an Email to You will then receive a confirmation with payment information from us. Once payment has been received by PEACE OUT YOGA, a ZOOM link to join this event ONLINE will be E-mailed to you.

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