'Going Up'
a headstand and shoulderstand Workshop

16.02.2020   /   13:00 - 16:00 Uhr

‘The yoga posture is here to fit the body and not the body to fit into the yoga posture.’ These are words that are included in our yoga studio philosophy for our teachers and students to remember and help guide them. What this means is that although yoga is for everyone, yoga postures may need to be modified at times to a student’s body structure as well as level and frequency of practicing yoga. In my mind, three ingredients need to be present when practicing these two yoga postures and that includes:

  • An understanding of your ‘unique & individual’ anatomy in relation to these two postures.
  • Safe practice techniques to properly prepare your body. (flexibility, strength, balance, frequency, focus)
  • Individualized support & feedback from an experienced teacher.

You will get ALL of this at this workshop because regular yoga classes don’t always allow the time necessary to learn, understand and practice the important details of head stand and shoulder stand.

Once you understand your individual anatomy, you will learn how to adapt it to practice techniques that will open, strengthen & align the body parts necessary in practicing these postures safely in your future yoga classes or home practices.

Headstand (Salamba Sirsasana) and shoulderstand (Salamba Sarvangasana) when practiced with these three ingredients in mind can bring about wonderful sensations, feelings & personal qualities like clearer focus, deeper calmness and more inner strength & confidence. All qualities that students will not only benefit from in their yoga practice on the mat, but also in living with the ups & downs of daily life.

NOTE: This workshop is limited to 15 students, so that each student receives personal attention & a safe practice environment. This workshop is not recommended for students with neck or spine injuries, heart conditions, high blood pressure, eye injuries and/or pregnancy. These postures are intermediate to advanced yoga postures and are not recommended for ‘absolute’ beginners to yoga.

Monthly Members price: 54,- euros
Regular price: 60,- euros


Please send an E-Mail to workshop@peaceoutyoga.de telling us the number of spots you want to reserve and if you have a monthly membership with us.

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