Ivan Cook (Australia)

Über Ivan:
Ivan is a Movement/Mobility Certified teacher since 2011. Hailing from Australia, he has spent the last 8 years as a Movement Nomad. This has taken him through several disciplines such as being a Movement Instructor in Australia, an Elite road cyclist in Belgium to finding Yoga and Meditation in India. The last years have seen the movement research turn to Dance & Improvisation in The Netherlands. Some other studies and influences have included: Fighting Monkey,Tomislav Enlgish, Laban technique. Laying roots now in Den Haag, Ivan gives weekly movement classes at “The Monkey Business” “CLOUDDANSLAB” “Yogaground” and workshops throughout Europe. He continues his own ongoing research and education into developing a well rounded movement practice.

Each workshop is unique and never the same, as the practice/environment is forever changing and evolving.

Expect to deepen your practice and broaden your range of movement in the areas of: Trunk rotations, Full variational squats (dragon squat progressions) Shoulder/Hip Stabilisation, Upper/Lower body spectrum coordination's, Cognitive Flexibility. Cross directional balance acquisition, Bio Rhythms.

Creative games & tasks will be proposed to build a well organised human body awareness. Adding to your toolkit for injury prevention & rehabilitation and laying the framework for higher movement pathways. The cross-disciplinary practice forges relevant links between Yoga, MobilityWOD practice,Contemporary Dance, Fighting Monkey, Tomislav English.

WHO IS THIS FOR: This workshop is a great complement to any physical discipline. Whether you are a current practitioner looking to deepen your practice or a weekend warrior. Exploration into a wide spectrum of tasks will be presented, so this is suitable for everyone (including but not limited to yogis, dancers, athletes, physical performers and martial artists)

POY-Members (holding a monthly membership): 54,- Euro
regular price: 60,- Euro

Please send an E-Mail to workshop@peaceoutyoga.de.to register.

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