Sounds for the Soul presents:
A Yoga Nidra Release Celebration

12.05.19   /   14:00 - 16:00 Uhr

Lehrer / Gastgeber

Eric Bennewitz

This is an organic manifestation of a personal ritual that has evolved over the past decade. A ritual that became a passion to share with others because of its ability to gently guide people into self-awareness, self-healing & transformational awakening.

This is the gift of Yoga Nidra. Life experiences and impressions have provided me the canvas to put these into words that have shaped the Yoga Nidra meditations I have created. Some experiences of life complicated and difficult & others stirring up sensations of pure bliss. These words inspired by the originators, mentors & students of Yoga Nidra together with the soothing soundscapes by Roland Bogdahn have been blended into three volumes of Yoga Nidra meditation recordings that are now easily accessible to anyone interested in relaxing into being.

As of 05.04.19, these Yoga Nidra volumes will be available on online platforms & App Stores to relax to, transform to and feel truly alive! None of this would have manifested on its path without the inspiration and support of you and many other people. So I have many people to thank.

On 12.05.19, we will host a free 2-hour celebration at our PEACE OUT YOGA studio.:

  • 14.00-14.45 Welcome, socializing, healthy snacks and music.
  • 14.45-16.00 Breathing relaxations & full Yoga Nidra meditation from one of the new volumes with the recorded soundscapes of Roland.

If you are attending, I look forward to thanking you and for those who don't attend, but are inspired by the Yoga Nidra meditatations over the years, I say THANK YOU now.

This celebration is free, to say thank you to you all.

To make enough space for everyone to fit in comfortably in our studio, we ask those interested in attending to reserve a spot by simply sending us an email to We will confirm your spot by return email from PEACE OUT YOGA.

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