The Power of the Mind
with Paul Vishal (France)

15.11.20   /   14:00 - 17:00 Uhr

Paul Vishal (France)
about Paul: Paul Vishal has been studying spiritual practices with passion at an early age with the intention of becoming a monk. He traveled the world, met Masters and deepen his practices and eventually understood that when we have the right tools for inner work we can practice anytime and anywhere, following our passion and creativity, and finding inner healing and freedom. Paul Vishal is medium, coach and Reiki Master.


This powerful workshop will give you the understanding and tools for inner change and a successful life. Paul Vishal went through different stages in his personal life and is sharing from experience about transformative practices.

Do you feel tired of your chatting mind ?
Do you have important decisions to make and feel confused ?
Are you curious about meditation ?
About human potential in general ?
Have you been trying personal development tools and still feel frustrated ?
Would you like to understand how the knowledge of the mind will support your spiritual journey ?

Then this workshop is for YOU ! This workshop is focused on understanding our mind, how it can bring us down or, on the contrary, be a powerful tool for personal development, happiness and spiritual grows.

Knowing the mind, its weaknesses and strenghts.
Why and how being aware of the content of the mind?
How to calm the flow of thoughts?
How and why using positive thinking?
How to use creative visualisation?
The process of decision-making.
The role of the mind in the spiritual path.
How to stop thinking and stay in full consciousness?
What is inner silence and what is beyond inner silence?

There will be times for practice, sharing, questions & answers.

40,- Euro / Mitglieder: 35,- Euro

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