Release. Deepen. Open. Be.

'Relax into Being' Yoga Nidra


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Relax into Being' Yoga Nidra...
is about simply releasing tensions, deepening awareness, opening to your True Nature & just being.
Modern life is often absorbed in ‘doing.’ To do lists, rising responsibilities, longer work hours, less sleep and sensory overload are some of the reasons it’s harder to devote quality time to empty out and ‘be.’ This ancient and guided sleep-based meditation has the power to relax, heal and transform your awareness of being. Regardless of your meditation experience or where you are in life, anyone can do & benefit from it. This is ‘True’ physical, emotional & mental tension release that relaxes your thinking mind and allows you to peel away the layers of a conditioned life. By just lying down and listening, you can open doors to a deeper connection within & transform perspectives on what really matters in life. Practice and you will nurture your life intentions and direct your energies towards realizing them with clarity.

Reduced Stress
Negative stress for prolonged periods of time without true relaxation can lead to illness & dis-ease. Yoga Nidra returns the body’s functions into equilibrium and rejuvenates and clears the mind. Practicing only a few minutes a day can help identify real vs. imaginary stress situations.

Improved Sleep
Whether its difficulty falling asleep, restless sleep or waking up in the middle of the night, to experience the deepest and most healing sleep, brain waves at delta (slow) are optimal to overall well-being. Yoga Nidra can induce this kind of deep peaceful sleep within a single meditation, strengthening the immune system and boosting serotonin and melatonin levels naturally, so that sleep can happen more naturally and regularly.

Resolved Anxiety
The root cause of anxiety is fear. Fear branches out into different types that keep the mind occupied with repeating negative thoughts and put the ‘fight or flight’ response of the nervous system into overdrive. This can lead to more serious physical and emotional illnesses long-term. Yoga Nidra calms the mind, relaxes the body, strengthens personal coping skills and awakens joy and a sense of well-being that diminishes anxiety and panic.

Chronic Pain Relief
The deep state of body & mind rest Yoga Nidra induces enables conscious perspectives of chronic pain to shift, which then reflect positively in body and behavior. This can result in less dependency on man-made meditations for chronic pains like migraines, arthritis, shoulder & neck conditions.

Enhanced Pregnancy Ease
Expecting mamas may experience everything from physical body changes and hormone shifts to sleepless nights and fears & worries about their birth. Yoga Nidra gently connects mama to her center, which deepens connection to her baby and brings about more calmness, energy and clarity for both mama and baby. With a regular Yoga Nidra practice, these qualities can also aid mama during labour, birth and beyond.

Personal & Spiritual Growth
Yoga Nidra’s process enables you to effortlessly open to past experiences and impressions as an observer rather then participant. Unresolved experiences & impressions are welcomed & transformed through intention. This is a key to resolving unwanted habits & behaviors and opening to your ever present True Nature, which is free of all 'doing' and rests as pure conscious 'being.'

'I just want to thank you for this great yoga Nidra Training and share with you that I started a Little tiny Nidra class in Berlin in combination with a teacher friend guiding a slow yoga flow. AND: I was already guiding two completely self-written Yoga Nidras. I got great feedback and it seems a bit like there is a small yoga Nidra community growing 🙂
But the reason why I write this to you is that after these two weeks of training it was really do-able for me to sit down and create a yoga nidra script that is suitable for the students and which fits in my 45 minutes timeslot! I feel comfortable with guiding in general and with the pace of speaking. After the 4 day training, I got really inspired to sit down, write and create something! THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!'

Linda K. - Yoga Teacher & Yoga Nidra Guide - Berlin

'I wanted to send you a small feedback note to how I've been doing after the Yoga Nidra Teacher Training. The Yoga Nidra training was quite an intense experience for me. As I mentioned in the course, I've been dealing with severe depression this year coupled with a breakup of three years and just all in all life transforming input. I can truly say now that I believe that your Peace Out Yoga studio helped me spin my life around at this point. More specifically - you did as my teacher. I of course also want to acknowledge the other fine teachers in the studio that I greatly appreciate, Michael, Steffi, Eva etc. However, if it hadn't been for you, I probably would have not had the courage to sign up and stay persistent. I've so far downloaded three of your meditations onto my phone and I've been doing the emotional release practice, especially after nervous breakdowns. I can definitely say that the meditation is working, I sense a greater feeling of calm and stability when I do it. My goal for next year is to not only get into a more regular practice, but also to write and record my own meditation as I love to create and enhance my understanding this way. Thank you for everything!'
Sarah S. - Yoga Nidra Guide - Hamburg

'After practicing and teaching Yoga Nidra for a while, I was surprised how much there is still to learn about this wonderful meditation.  Eric is a great teacher, who can communicate rather "dry" theory in a humorous and descriptive way. His enthusiasm for Yoga Nidra is contagious and makes you become a fan of Yoga Nidra and want to practice it yourself. During one of Eric's sessions, I had one of the deepest meditation experiences of my life. After the teacher training, each participant is able to design and guide their own sessions. Anyone who has previously dealt with Yoga Nidra, will get many new ideas and inspirations for future Yoga Nidra meditations and in deepening their own practice.'
Mathias Prinz - Yoga Teacher - Bremen

‘When I experienced Eric's yoga nidra I had an epiphany that this is what the world needs!  There is nothing hurting us more than stress and there are few practices more stress releasing than yoga nidra and eric's a master!’ Aloha!
Bryan Kest - Founder - Power Yoga - Los Angeles

Eric's Yoga Nidra Meditations have been helping me for years to come to my center and to go through all of the demands of everyday life, grounded and focused. I mainly practice Yoga Nidra at home and like drawing the energy of Eric into my ears as I listen. In a fast and loud world, Yoga Nidra has taught me to find peace and quiet within myself.
Kathrin Mechkat - Founder - MoMazing Magazine - Hamburg

Yoga Nidra by Eric is everything you need and more from a Yoga Nidra. His calming and grounding voice naturally lulls you into a deep sense of relaxation in which you can restore from. Yoga Nidra is a powerful practice that you can implement into your life today, receive the benefits instantaneously and his Yoga Nidra will be sure to do that. Thank you Eric for this wonderful Yoga Nidra that helps me to restore deeply on those busy days of being a business owner.
Will Fisher - Owner - Complete Unity Yoga - Copenhagen

2 to 3-hour workshops for anyone interested in experiencing Yoga Nidra for the first time or as a regular meditator. You will be introduced to the physical, emotional & mental benefits of Yoga Nidra, intention setting, pre-meditation preparation, calming breathing techniques & a guided Yoga Nidra meditation. All to enhance your personal home practice. Workshops can be customized to specific groups and themes. (Workshops are taught in English)

Upcoming Workshops
Coming Fall 2021.

4-Day (40-Hour) Teacher Training with Eric (taught in English). Full details here.

Upcoming Teacher Training (40-Hours)

06.-07 & 13.-14.11.21 / 08.00-17.00 / Peace Out Yoga, Barmbek-Nord, Hamburg