Class registration process

Beginning January 10th, 2022 we will be offering studio classes in 2G+ format as well as online Live-Stream classes. The number of students is limited for all 2G+ classes, so booking in advance is essential.

If you are not yet familiar with online booking, you can read step-by-step instructions here and if you have any questions, please contact us at A spontaneous drop-in class and cash payment in-studio are currently not possible.

Participation with an Urban Sports Club membership is possible in our 2G+ studio classes only. USC members must also register before  classes via our class schedule page.

Hygiene Regulations

We look forward to seeing you again in-studio!
The hygiene requirements are strict, so we ask you regardless of your personal attitude to take them seriously and
to support us in the implementation.
The following mandatory safety & hygiene measures apply in participating in our yoga classes in-studio:

  • Mandatory hygiene safety rules for studio classes in 2G+ format:
  • Until 9.1.22, studio classes will take place under 2G regulations. (i.e. full vaccination documentation or a Covid-19 recovery ID card and an official photo ID are required to participate.)
  • From 10.1.22, studio classes will take place under 2G+ regulations. (i.e. a full vaccination documentation and an additional booster vaccination or a negative Covid-19 antigen test result is required to participate.)
  • The relevant documentation must always be carried with you and presented at check-in without being asked.
  • Test results must be issued by a recognized testing center (no self-tests) and are valid for a maximum of 24-hours in the case of an antigen test and a maximum of 48-hours in the case of a PCR test.
  • People who show symptoms of illness are not allowed to enter the studio despite proof of vaccination or health recovery.
  • Please be considerate of the otherstudents and stay at home if you have a cold or fever.
  • Peace Out Yoga reserves the right to deny access to students with symptoms of illness.
  • When you arrive at our studio, keep your distance in front of the studio doors and wait until all participants of the previous class have left the studio and the teacher invites you in.
  • We are obliged to keep your contact details (name, address, telephone number) for four weeks to follow up any chains of infection and, if necessary, to make them available to the health authorities. Please enter your contact details in the corresponding template sheet every time you visit. You can find more information on this in our privacy policy and a studio notice.
  • A mask is compulsory off the mat. When practicing on the mat, the mask can be taken off.
  • The changing room can be used.
  • Minimum distances are no longer prescribed. Nevertheless, please always keep the greatest possible distance from one another.
  • The number of participants is still limited.
  • Disinfectants are available in the entrance area and in the bathroom. Please make use of this and, of course, adhere to the general rules on hand hygiene and cough-sneeze etiquette.
  • We continue to refrain from lending mats, blankets and bolsters and providing drinks. We ask the participants to bring their own blanket / bolster and drinks. Blocks and straps can be borrowed from the studio.
  • The toilet and the classroom are cleaned after each class and door handles are disinfected. The classroom is thoroughly ventilated before and after each class.
  • Also be aware of the notices on the studio doors and in the studio changerooms and contact us if you have any questions at
  • Thank you for your understanding!